Halloween may be up there as one of your dog’s least favorite holidays… doorbells dinging left and right, unfamiliar faces in creepy costumes on the front lawn, the temptation of chocolate looming everywhere. How can you turn this night of terror into a night of triumph? Here are a few tips to have a successful Howl-o-ween with your best bud.

  1. Watch a Scary Movie. Is there anything better than snuggling up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and your lovable pooch by your side? Turn off all your lights to make the movie extra scary and to keep your doorbell from ringing constantly. Win-win. The best part? You aren’t the only one who can enjoy popcorn during the flick. Take out some Toss Ups for a quick Snacktivity! and your night will be smooth sailing.
  2. Find the Paw-fect Costume. This one may not work for everybody, but if your pet is a willing participant, there’s nothing more adorable than dressing up dogs in costumes. If you get this far, take a look at local listings for costume contests and pet parades. If you’re looking for something a little less official, simply going for a walk around the block will get your pup plenty of lovable attention on Halloween night. Plus it will feel like you’re still a part of all the action.
  3. Share the Snack-tion (snack + action). You know they’ll be curious who’s at the door each and every time anyway, so if they’re well behaved, let them ‘help’ you hand out candy. Keep in mind, they’re likely to hear the phrase ‘trick-or-TREAT’ all night – so it’s probably best to have a few things on hand to keep them from swiping candy from children. There are a few awesome alternatives, including pumpkin flavored dog biscuits and… you guessed it… Toss Ups!
  4. Go to a Pumpkin Patch. Humans aren’t the only ones who love getting outside to enjoy the crisp, fall air. There are several apple orchards and pumpkin patches that are dog-friendly and worth taking a trip to visit this Halloween. Plus, who wouldn’t love doing a fun photo shoot with your furry family member?
  5. Host a Howl-o-ween Party. Okay, you’d really be hosting a party for you and your fellow pet-parents, but it definitely counts. Make it a costume contest or Halloween themed pot luck! Their pets are likely faced with the same Halloween ghouls and goblin as yours, so providing an option where pets and pet-parents alike will be distracted from all the commotion may be a great option.

If you have other ideas for creating Howl-o-ween fun with your pup, we’d love to hear your suggestions! Send a message to our social team on Facebook and we’ll keep our list going.