The love a pet has for their parent is simply unmatched. No matter what you do, how long you’re gone, or how many times you’re responsible for that cone on their head, they will greet you at the door with those big puppy dog eyes and pure joy. Now, imagine a world where your dog loves you even more than they already do. Seems impossible, doesn’t it? We thought so, too. But then something amazing happened – the SnacktivityTM  was born!

It may seem pretty self-explanatory… snack + activity = Snacktivity But it’s so much more than that. Let me break it down for you. Toss Ups TM popcorn combines two of your dog’s favorite things: snack time and time with you. In other words, Toss Ups are the perfect Snacktivity for you and your puppy pal. You’re not only bonding with your buddy while playing with Toss Ups, you’re giving them a light treat that they’ll love and get nutritional benefits from.

Toss Ups aren’t just delicious, real, people-grade popcorn. They’re the Snacktivity that will literally change the game between pet and pet parent.