Just like our weight it important for our health, your pooch’s weight is extremely important for theirs. 56% of dogs in the US are overweight or obese, according to PetObesityPrevention.org, and like we change our diets, find ways to snack healthier, and exercise more, our pups need a little help from us to live a healthy lifestyle.

Your pooch likes to snack just like you do, especially when you share! It’s important that you never put your dog on a diet without consulting your vet but knowing your dog’s calorie intake is a good way to keep track of what your dog is eating. Popcorn contains trace amount of several minerals that are important to canine nutrition, like magnesium, zinc, fiber and B vitamins. Coconut oil is also good for your pal’s coat and help build immunity.

Get moving with a SnacktivityTM! Not only is Toss UpsTM a tasty and healthy treat, it’s a great way to get you pooch up and moving. Toss ‘em up for your pup to catch, throw a few for your furry friend to chase down, take some on a walk as a night refueling treat, or a lightweight snack between meal time. Let Toss Ups change the game in your pet’s exercise routine.

To learn more about pet obesity, it’s effects, and prevention visit our friends at Pet Obesity Prevention.