We all know our furry friends love us more than anything in the world, but our adorable canine companions have cute ways to show us they love and trust us. Here are a few ways your pooch shows their love!

Longing looks
Who can resist when those big brown eyes look longingly at you when begging? Surprise! Not only does your pooch use this adorable look to get what they want, but also this look is because your pup loves and trusts you.

Your dog may also do a double take or wait patiently while staring at you for long periods of time; this is your dog waiting for your approval before going ahead to run after a ball or move their bed across the room after you purposefully laid it in their favorite napping spot. Your pooch is acknowledging that you’re the boss.

Goofy Grins
Smile for the camera! Not only is it cute when your pooch poses for Instagram, but this is them showing you they are relaxed and content. When your pup has a big goofy grin on their face they are enjoying their time with you, have let their guard down, and are happy to be hanging out with you!

Can’t lose with a cute snooze
Even though our furry friends love to hog the bed when they sleep with us we still love to cuddle up when we can. The way your dog sleeps can actually say a lot about their love for you!

If they sleep on their backs with their legs all crazy in the air they feel secure in their surroundings. This is a vulnerable position for dogs, if your pooch likes to nap with crazy legs they really trust you and the environment you’ve created.

Side sleepers feel one with their “pack.” Your pooch has a strong connection with your family and feels safe and secure. Surprisingly, dogs only sleep for short amounts of time on their side. Side sleeping is best for napping. What’s even sweeter is when you pup lays back to back with you! This means your dog 100% trusts and loves you. What’s sweeter than that?

No matter what, we know you love your pooch more than anything in the world, and it’s always reassuring knowing you pup loves you just as much! Next time you have a cute moment with your furry friend snap a picture and tag Toss Ups, we’d love to share the puppy love!

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